Fulfillment Outsourcing Service Case Studies

Quick thinking and customer focused; solving your problems is top priority.

All of our case studies listed on this page are "real-life" situations that have happened to us in the past several years. These "real-life" situations will help you to see in concrete terms the flexibility of services and level of commitment to excellence that we take very seriously when it comes to serving your fulfillment outsourcing needs. We want to be your fulfillment house too!

Case Study #1: An e-Commerce Client in Trouble

We got there one step ahead of the sheriff! Alvin wasn't a client yet when he called us in a panic. He had recently moved his extensive inventory into a new fulfillment house and it had just gone belly up. The Sheriff was on his way to lock the doors and Alvin's business was in peril. Without his inventory, Alvin would be out of business.

We instantly rerouted some of our trucks and raced across town. Our fast-moving crews were able to load Alvin's stock and move it out before the Sheriff locked the doors. Most of that company's other customers weren't as lucky and their inventories languished for months in a warehouse they couldn't access.

Without missing a beat, our staff at Medallion cataloged and stored Alvin's considerable inventory, and we were able to start shipping orders in record time. Alvin was back in business quickly. Medallion got Alvin up and running again with no disruption to his business. He has been a satisfied customer ever since.

With Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics you'll never run into the kind of emergency Alvin experienced. Unlike many of our competitors who are new and untried in the business, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, a division of Medallion Enterprises, has been in the fulfillment business for 25over 30 years. We're a financially-sound, well-respected, reliable firm staffed by family and long-term employees who look forward to the next 30 years of business and beyond.

Since he became a Medallion customer, we've managed to save Alvin thousands of dollars and help his business grow. A Ph.D., Alvin sells educational counseling videos and brochures which entail tremendous inventory. He sells from a catalog by mail and, quite unusual in this business, never embraced computers. Alvin does all his business by mail, telephone or fax. Due to our flexibility, Medallion has been able to work with Alvin and accommodate his business methods. We've used our state-of-the-art computer technology to help Alvin better track his inventory, expedite order taking and shipping, handle accounts receivable, maintain detailed accounting records, and significantly improve his business.

We've even been working with Alvin to transfer his inventory from its original VHS format to DVD to further increase his sales. Medallion has the capability to duplicate small media orders on demand from our customer's masters. As a full-service fulfillment house, we can assist you in managing and growing your business well beyond the traditional pick & pack, and shipping services offered by our competitors.

Medallion's relationship with Alvin is just one example of the extra mile we go for our clients. As a family-owned company we understand the problems and pressures our clients face. We've been there ourselves. When Alvin first called us, we understood the importance of acting quickly. On the strength of a phone call, we responded to the urgent needs of a fellow businessman and rushed to save Alvin's business. We took care of the contracts and legalities after we knew Alvin's inventory was safe. Now, of course, we wouldn't be practicing good business principles to do that every day of the week. But the point is, when you have an emergency, you can count on Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics to respond immediately.

Case Study #2: Quick Thinking, Fast Action and Superior Service Save the Day

It should have been a simple job. We do it every day. Pick and pack two pallets for a customer and ship them to a trade show. Even though we were shipping across the Atlantic, there was plenty of time. The shipment was scheduled to arrive in London two days before the show. Piece of cake.

Then we got the phone call. The only thing that arrived in London was the paperwork. No pallets. The customer's carrier had no idea where the two pallets were, but they would try to track them down. (And they did – two weeks too late!) Medallion's attention to detail stood us in good stead yet again. Our procedure of closely monitoring shipments 24/7 alerted us to the problem while there was still a chance to fix it.

Medallion revved into high gear. We had less than 24 hours to repack the order, ship it to England and deliver it to the trade show site. Greg Kent, our VP Operations, was already on the phone with our UPS rep in Los Angeles. Greg had his staff checking customer stock and packing a new order. Our office staff was online booking Greg a flight to London just in case. And, of course, we were on the phone with our customer.

Our customer was on the verge of panic. Those materials were absolutely essential to his participation in the trade show. Materials for a critical demonstration simply had to arrive or months of hard work and thousands of dollars in prep work would be down the drain. His personnel were already in England setting up, waiting for a shipment that wasn't coming.

Medallion took the bull by the horns. Greg worked frantically with our UPS rep in LA and UPS' international division to arrange specialized hands on service both here and in London. our team had a new order packed in record time (fortunately our customer maintained enough stock to cover a second order). We loaded the pallets onto a special UPS truck which dashed to the airport where our customer's merchandise was immediately loaded onto the very next flight out. On touchdown in London, UPS again provided hands on service to load our customer's product onto a waiting truck and immediately deliver it to the trade show. Greg monitored the shipment by phone around the clock until he could call our customer to report successful delivery at the trade show.

Mission accomplished. Disaster avoided. Customer happy. A good day at Medallion.

Medallion's ability to turn a potential disaster into another success was no accident. Because we monitor our customers' shipments 24/7, Medallion found out about the problem and had the time to correct it. Because Medallion maintains excellent relations with our carriers, UPS came through for us, even though they were not our customer's original carrier and were not responsible for the problem. Because Medallion's staff is dedicated to our customers' success, we were able to work around the clock to solve our customer's problem. At Medallion, we pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none – just ask our customers!

In case you're curious, our customer's original carrier found the two original pallets two weeks later. An airline employee had processed the paperwork but erroneously moved the actual merchandise to the inbound freight holding area. It never would have made it to London!

Case Study #3: Superior 24/7/365 On-Call Service

Jack owns and operates an airplane parts service on the East Coast. In his business speed is of the essence. Every minute an airplane sits in the hangar out of service waiting for a part to arrive costs the owner hundreds of dollars in missed revenue. Getting that plane operational and back in the air in the shortest amount of time possible is what drives Jack's business. But with his entire inventory housed on the East Coast, it was physically impossible for Jack to get parts to airplane mechanics in the Midwest or West Coast in less than one to two days. Jack was losing thousands of dollars in potential business.

Medallion's unique on-call service offered Jack a solution and a way to grow his business. Jack now warehouses a portion of his inventory with Medallion in Los Angeles. If a plane is on the ground waiting for a part anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area or Mid West, we pack the part and courier it immediately to the airport. The plane can be back in service and making money for its owner in a matter of hours instead of days. No matter what time we get the call, Medallion couriers the needed part 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We also provide Jack's company with 24/7/365 on-call service anywhere in the country and internationally through our global fulfillment service. No matter where a part is needed, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics can provide counter-to-counter service, air freighting the part anywhere in the world. With flights leaving Los Angeles every hour of the day and night, we can have a part to any airport in the world faster than any other carrier. If Jack's customer needs an airplane generator in Topeka, Kansas tonight, we'll have it on the next plane out of LA.

By partnering with Medallion, Jack was able to expand his business model, improve product delivery time to his customers, and significantly increase his sales. Through Medallion, Jack has gained a fully-operational West Coast office without the considerable expense of renting office space, staffing, housing inventory, establishing shipping channels, etc. As a full-service fulfillment firm, Medallion is able to furnish all of these services and much more at a considerable savings to Jack.

Airplane parts aren't the only product that Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics has expedited for our clients. Our staff can provide on-call service to any client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From our 25 years of experience in the fulfillment business, we know emergencies happen. And when they happen, you need immediate action. With our 24-hour courier and counter-to-counter services, Medallion can get your product to your customer anywhere in the US or the world the fastest way possible.

If you are looking for a way to expand your business, partnering with Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics gives you instant access to the West Coast, and through our global fulfillment service, the world. By expanding your operations with Medallion, you'll gain greater flexibility in managing national coverage and improve product delivery time to your customers. At Medallion we work with our clients to meet their specific needs and solve their individual problems, just like we did with Jack. We're dedicated to helping you and your business succeed and grow.

Case Study #4: Unparalleled Speed and Ingenuity Solving Client Problems

We worked all night and got the job done just in the nick of time. Louise's company was launching a major new software upgrade at a trade show in Colorado. Her computer firm had targeted the trade show for its national announcement of their new release. Thousands of dollars had gone into the creation of special packaging and advertising materials to accompany the launch. A significant portion of the firm's future business hinged on the success of the event. Everything but the software box was in our warehouse awaiting assembly when Louise called. There had been a major foul up at the printers. The software boxes wouldn't be coming off the printing press until 5 p.m. the night before the trade show. The new launch looked doomed.

Never one to sit back when our clients are in trouble, the Medallion Team came up with a solution. At 5 p.m. that night, one of our key staff members was at the printers. He personally picked up the software boxes and package inserts, loaded all the trade show materials into his car, raced to the airport and caught the next flight to Colorado. He was up all night assembling boxes and packaging the product in his hotel room. When the trade show opened, much to Louise's relief, our man was there with the fully-assembled product ready for the launch. Using ingenuity and speed, we helped Louise turn a potential disaster into a rousing success.

At Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, we have the experience and expertise in the fulfillment industry to develop unique solutions to your problems and the flexibility to respond quickly to get the job done. We understood the extreme importance to her business of solving Louise's problem and responded with an unparalleled sense of urgency to get the job done. Businessmen ourselves, we understand your priorities and will do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients and help them succeed.

As a full-service fulfillment firm, our services go well beyond the laundry list offered by our competitors. Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics is uniquely flexible and versatile in our ability to tailor our fulfillment and logistics programs to meet your individual business needs. Our superior experience in the fulfillment industry enables us to develop creative solutions to your toughest problems. At Medallion we pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none. Just ask Louise.

Case Study #5: A Startup and Test Marketer's Dream

Randy had a new exercise product to sell. He contracted with a large fulfillment center that had high minimums. Just starting out, Randy couldn't justify the fulfillment costs for the new product. Fulfillment fees weren't just eating into his profit; they were gobbling it whole and starting to nibble on his limited capital! Randy was starting to think he'd have to deep six the whole project and write the new product off as a loss. He had put a lot of time, effort and money into developing his new product. For Randy, it was a labor of love and getting his product to market was the realization of a dream. Mounting fulfillment fees were about to quash that dream.

Then Randy discovered Medallion's Flat Rate Fulfillment Starter Program. With Medallion's 60-day program for startups, you get our full service fulfillment program at a deeply discounted price. It's perfect for startups, test marketing new products, testing new product lines, direct TV advertising or infomercial sales of new items. You can concentrate on sales while we handle account set up, order processing services, credit card processing, customer service, shipping, warehousing and merchandise return processing – all for a low flat rate that makes it easy to determine your return on investment.

It was a perfect fit for Randy. With Medallion's support Randy could afford to nurse his product through the initial introduction and test marketing phases while building product recognition and sales. Because he could afford to nurture his product, Randy's product took off and test period sales exceeded his expectations. Today sales are booming and Randy has moved from startup to full service fulfillment to handle the increased sales volume.

We started Medallion 25 years ago and understand what it means to follow your dream. We initiated our Flat Rate Fulfillment Starter Program to make it financially feasible for individual entrepreneurs like Randy to pursue their dreams. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit that built America, and Medallion's Starter Program is one way we support the men and women who embody that spirit. At Medallion we're willing to take the risk with you, help you grow your business and realize your dream. Contact us today to find out more details about this innovative new program.

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