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June 2008

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The Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics office building.This month's issue talks about the benefits of outsourcing some of your business tasks in order to streamline operations as well as brings to light one of our newest services, cross docking. If you have a topic you would like us to research for a newsletter let us know.

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Outsourcing Allows You to Streamline Your Operations

Trend chartOutsourcing is driving today's leaner, more efficient business model. "In the 20th century the common business model was a large integrated company that owned, managed and directly controlled its assets," Andy Dishner, senior director of client solutions for TMSi Logistics, told participants at the recent annual conference of the Warehouse Educational Research Council. "But in this new century we have seen a major cultural shift toward outsourcing many key functions."

Dishner was one of several industry experts to recommend that companies outsource logistics to streamline operations. The growing trend is driven by the need to increase efficiency and reduce costs in today's tight economy. "It really comes down to evaluating whether logistics is your core competency," Dishner explained. Companies that used to split resources between their primary business product and the logistics of getting that product to market are increasingly turning to third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment providers.

Too often businesses, particularly small businesses, lose focus when they are forced to concentrate on secondary, but important, peripherals like logistics and fulfillment. By outsourcing these operations, companies are free to refocus their energies on the primary concerns of product development, production and sales. Outsourcing relieves business owners of the struggle to become expert in a second, disparate field of business. By assigning logistics and fulfillment operations to experienced experts in those fields, business owners are freed to concentrate their energy and resources on growing their business.

Outsourcing logistics and fulfillment operations can produce considerable savings in warehousing, pick and pack, packaging and shipping expenses, while at the same time reducing and often eliminating related facility, equipment and manpower expenses. Comprehensive fulfillment providers can help business owners further streamline their operations by providing services and expertise in advertising and marketing, web design, eCommerce, literature production and printing services, customer care relations and tech support, database management, rebate and returns processing, bar coding, order processing, account receivables and much more. Outsourcing allows even small businesses and sole proprietors to access the full range of professional services readily available much larger firms while making efficient use of their own resources.

Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics is pleased to be providing fulfillment outsourcing services to you. We look forward to additionally helping you to streamline your operation processes so you can concentrate on selling and marketing your products and services. Leave your supply chain details to us!



Pearls of Wisdom for the Month

"Business is a lot like tennis. Those who don't serve well wind up losing."

"Are we working for money alone? If so, there is no surer way not to get it."
UPS Founder Jim Casey



New Cross Docking Services Now Available

Receiving dockWe provide cross docking services to small to large businesses and other fulfillment firms as their sub-contractor. We can even pick up your overseas container after it has cleared customs, store your merchandise in our warehouse, and process your orders. In our cross docking operation, we will break down your container and ship your orders out in a 24 hour period. We provide fast turn-around, cost efficient services, and careful order processing. If you are a fulfillment firm looking for a "service partner" to contract out your cross docking needs to, we can provide the flexible and fast turn around that you need. Contact us today to find out more about cross docking.

We also provide promotional product one-time fulfillment services. If your company or someone you know needs promotional products received, split into order and expedited to distributors, we offer flexible services.


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