Frequently Asked Questions About Fulfillment Outsourcing

What is "fulfillment?"Fulfillment is the receipt, storage, assembly and shipment of a product for another party.

When we talk about fulfillment, we mean that we take care of all the time-consuming, nitty gritty details involved in getting your product to your customer so you can concentrate on sales and business development.

What is "full-service" fulfillment?

Full-service fulfillment manages your product from the time we receive your order until your product arrives safely in your customer's hands. We do it all! Depending on your individual business needs, our services may include warehousing, inventory management, order processing, customer care relations service, tech support, pick & pack, light assembly, shipping, refund and returns processing, monthly reorders, credit card processing, CD and media duplication, brochure and package insert print services, website assistance and much, much more.

Our goal is to become part of your team, to become a full-service business resource that can help you get it done, get it done right, and get it done now! We have the flexibility to custom design our fulfillment services to meet the particular needs of your business.

What kinds of items will you handle?

We are equipped to handle almost any product including products sold by internet stores and e-commerce sites; eBay stores; books; CDs; health and beauty supplies; athletic equipment; airplane, automobile, and computer parts; computer software; educational materials; wholesale and retail products; trade show literature and new innovative products. We have the capacity to work with both corporate giants and individual entrepreneurs. We are specialists in helping startups and new products get off the ground successfully and offer a special low fee flat rate starter fulfillment program.

There are a few items we don't handle, namely perishables, hazardous chemicals, firearms or products illegal in the state of California.

How much do you charge for your services, and when and how do you bill?

We only charge you for what you want. You can pick and choose the services you desire based on your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and will tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

We offer flexible billing cycles. Most customers prefer to be billed twice a month or monthly, but we can adjust our billing cycle to fit your accounting requirements. We bill after services are rendered and request payment on net ten day terms.

How do I ship my inventory to you?

We make it easy for you! We can work with any common carrier. Our customers use a variety of carriers including UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, Roadway Express, U.S. Postal Service, etc. – even private carriers. One of our clients rents a U-Haul and drives his inventory from his plant in Canada to our warehouse every year.

We are geared to accept international container shipments at the Port of Los Angeles and can even handle customs clearance for you. If you are not sure how to get it to us, ask us and we'll help with the logistics. We also have a new location in Boston, Massachusetts to assure that shipping is covered cost efficiently for the East Coast.

What kind of storage facility do you have and how secure is it?

We have one warehouse facilities in the greater Los Angeles, California area, located near the Port of Los Angeles. Our second warehouse is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Your property is safe with us. Our warehouse facilities is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras and armed-guard alarm response services.

Who insures my inventory while it's in your warehouse?

We insure the building, but you insure your merchandise.

Clients must designate Medallion as an additional insured on their business policy. We require that all client product and supplies be covered by insurance with Medallion named as an additional insured. Medallion does NOT provide insurance coverage for client's inventory. We do recommend that our clients carry product liability insurance as our services do not include this item.

How do I transmit my orders to you?

We have found that it is most efficient and cost effective for clients to transmit orders in downloaded batches from their call center, website or via spreadsheet. Many of our customers use FTP to transmit their orders to us. However, our hallmark is our flexibility and we can receive your orders in whatever manner is most convenient for you, including email, fax, phone, and even US mail.

I have a website but I need help setting up a shopping cart and credit card authorizations. Can you do that for me?

We can assist you in setting up a shopping cart including the approval and processing of credit card transactions. We have considerable experience integrating online systems and will work closely with you to integrate your shopping cart, order processing system, and credit card processing needs with our systems to save you time and money. Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell your product, get it to your customers efficiently, and grow your business.

What are my packaging options?

We are equipped to package your product to your individual specifications. With 25 years in the business, we can also be a valuable resource, saving you time and money. We can advise you on the most efficient and cost effective packaging choices for your product so that it arrives at the customer's door or office in perfect condition.

If I need some light assembly work done, can you help?

We provide more than the standard pick & pack services offered by our competitors. We do light assembly and kitting on as-needed basis. We can also duplicate CDs from your master and even provide small quantity duplication services.

How long does it take for orders to go out?

Orders received by noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) ship the same day under our full-service contract.

How do you ship to my customers?

Our facilities are compatible with all common shippers, including UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, common carriers, etc. We also can accommodate LTL (less than a truck load) shipping, pallets, and container loads. We are masters at 3PL (third party logistics) and can get your product anywhere it needs to go, whether you're shipping B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). Through our global fulfillment services, the world is your oyster! With over 30 years of experience in the fulfillment business we can often recommend shipping solutions that will save you money.

Do you send email confirmations when an order is shipped?

Yes, we do. If the order contains an email address, we will email shipping confirmation to that address. Typically the email address in the system is the email address of your customer.

What if I have a shipping emergency?

We offer 24-hour courier services for those times when your customer needs it NOW. Just give us a call and we can provide immediate delivery of your product to customers in the Greater LA area and beyond.

We also provide a unique 24-hour counter-to-counter courier service that is particularly popular with our clients in the airplane parts business. No matter where in the world your product needs to be, we can courier it to a Los Angeles area airport and freight it out on the next available flight. Your product can be in your customer's hands in a matter of hours.

Do you process refunds and returns?

Of course. Prompt and efficient handling of refunds and returns is an integral part of any business and good customer service. We process refunds and returns in accordance with the policies you set.

How do I get my fulfillment services set up with Medallion?

Once we decide that we're a good match for each other, we provide you with a written quotation for services. When the terms are agreed upon and the contract signed, we set up your account. Because we want you to succeed, before we get started we'll test your order processing interfaces – call center, shopping cart, credit processor, etc. – and work out any bugs between your system and ours. We do charge a set-up fee for this service, but it is money well spent. By testing the backend processes before involving your customers, we ensure you a problem-free, efficient, cost-effective operation – something both you and your customers will appreciate. As soon as all backend processes are tested and approved by all parties, fulfillment services can start immediately. Contact us today to get a free rate quote based on your needs.

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We have two warehouse locations to serve you better

We Are a Full Service Fulfillment Company

We have two warehouse locations to lower shipping costs and to expedite shipping to your clients; one is in Los Angeles, California and the other in Boston, Massachusetts.