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2021 Newsletters and Announcements

An Important Note from Our Company President

  • Important Note On Logistics, Shipping, and Possible Delays

November, December Holiday 2021 Hours

  • Review our hours for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's

November 2021 Newsletter

  • Creating Your Own eCommerce Empire Means Expanding Beyond Amazon

October 2021 Newsletter

  • Get Ready for Temporary Shipping Rate Adjustments for the 2021 Holiday Season

September 2021 Newsletter

  • How to Choose the Right 3PL Partner for Your Business

August 2021 Newsletter

  • Google Ups Its Game in eCommerce with a New Deep Shopify Connection

July 2021 Newsletter

  • Amazon is Drawing Increased Attention as Antitrust Chatter Grows

June 2021 Newsletter

  • Does Amazon's "New Normal" Come with New Problems?

May 2021 Newsletter

  • Smart Tips for Increasing eCommerce Sales – Many That Are Actionable with Minimal Effort

April 2021 Newsletter

  • The Technology Behind Successful Ecommerce Fulfillment

March 2021 Newsletter

  • Three Reasons to Find a New Fulfillment Partner After the Holidays

February 2021 Newsletter

  • International Fulfillment ? How to Reach More Customers Worldwide

January 2021 Newsletter

  • Price Updates from USPS and FedEx plus Reminders on the UK VAT

2020 Newsletters and Announcements

December 2020 and January 2021 Holiday Hours

  • Review the Medallion and Sprocket Express Christmas and New Year's Holiday Hours

December 2020 Newsletter

  • The Amazon Effect: Considerations for eCommerce and Brick and Mortar Store Owners

November 2020 Newsletter

  • Looking Ahead: Disasters, Disruptions, and Demand – the Supply Chain Learns from Coronavirus

October 2020 Newsletter

  • Switch Fulfillment Houses Smoothly

September 2020 Newsletter

  • Five Types of eCommerce Businesses

August 20, 2020 Newsletter

  • USPS Temporary Shipping Rate Increases

August 2020 Newsletter

  • A Quick Fulfillment Guide to Happier Customers

July 2020 Newsletter

  • Online Returns are Growing Faster than E-Commerce Sales

June 17, 2020 Newsletter

  • USPS Disruptions and Delays

June 2, 2020 Newsletter

  • Announcement of Service Delay Due to Riots

June 2020 Newsletter

  • Subscription Boxes Lead the Way in Direct to Consumer Sales

May 20, 2020 Newsletter

  • Medallion & Sprocket Express Can Help with East and West Coast Warehouse Locations

May 7, 2020 Special Announcement on Amazon

  • Don't Let Your Business Suffer Due to Amazon's Policies, You Have Options!

May 2020 Newsletter

  • How Fulfillment Service Impacts Customer Satisfaction

April 29, 2020 Special Announcement

  • USPS Announces New Software Changes Today

April 27, 2020 Special Announcement

  • FedEx Announces New Surcharges Effective Today

April 3, 2020 Special Announcement

  • Don't Let Your Business Suffer Due to Amazon's Policies, You Have Options!

April 2, 2020 Special Announcement

  • Priority Mail Express International Guarantee Suspended to Certain Countries

April 2020 Special Announcement

  • Beyond Amazon, the Power of E-commerce Marketplace Diversification

March 27, 2020 Special Announcement

  • How to Reach Customers Now During the COVID-19 Crisis

March 25, 2020 Special Announcement

  • UPS Coronavirus Service information

March 23, 2020 Special Announcement

  • USPS Continuity of Operations Update

March 20, 2020 Special Announcement

  • Los Angeles, California Lockdown Does Not Affect Medallion

March 19, 2020 Special Announcement

  • Coronavirus Survival Guide: Don't Let Your Merchandise be Held Hostage by Amazon During the Pandemic, You Have Options

March 2020 Coronavirus

  • There Has Been No Impact on Services from the Coronavirus

March 2020 Newsletter

  • How Can You Compete Against Amazon in 2020?

February 2020 Expansion Announcement

  • Learn About our Newest Acquisition and About our New East Coast Warehouse

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Plan Ahead – Top Marketing Events and Promotion Tips for the Spring

January 2020 Newsletter

  • How to Make January Sales Pop This Year

2019 Newsletters and Announcements

December 2019 Newsletter

  • How to Drive Last Minute Holiday Shopping

November 2019 Holiday Hours

  • Check Our Holiday Hours

November 2019 Newsletter

  • Late on Holiday Planning? How to Boost November Holiday Sales Fast Using Facebook

October 2019 Newsletter

  • What to Expect for the 2019 Holiday Selling Season

September 2019 Newsletter

  • Move Now Before the Holidays and Save Money on Amazon's Crushing Holiday Storage

August 2019 Newsletter

  • Website Chatbots: What to Know to Embrace This Emerging Technology in 2019

Earthquake Update 2019 Newsletter

  • All is well. There have been no disruptions.

July 2019 Newsletter

  • Mobile Matters – Important eCommerce Trends to Embrace

June 2019 Newsletter

  • Tips for Building Customer Loyalty and Repeat

May 2019 Newsletter

  • Startups and New Businesses Have Special Financial Needs, How to Plan for Success

Aprl 2019 Newsletter

  • Our Top Tips for Business Startups – A Focus to Grow Faster

March 2019 Newsletter

  • Introducing Greg Kent Our New President

February 2019 Newsletter

  • The Amazon Effect: Considerations for eCommerce and Brick and Mortar Store Owners

January 2019 Newsletter

  • Emerging Trends Expected to Impact eCommerce Stores in 2019

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