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With locations on the East and West coasts we have your fulfillment needs covered. Our business-friendly solutions and scalable services, that grow with you as your needs grow, make Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics the right choice for your fulfillment service needs.

Our difference...

Our difference is in our innovation. We work to provide quality, affordable fulfillment and storage solutions for ecommerce stores and businesses. Our software innovations allow for full integration with most popular third party shopping carts and are easy to use. We also offer special Startup Programs and Amazon Stock Warehouse Replenishment services. East and West Coast warehouses keep your shipping costs low and deliveries fast! Learn more...

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A Brief History...

Our firm is an American success story. Starting out in the Kent family garage years ago, Medallion has grown into a national enterprise with an East coast and West Coast location. Still a family enterprise, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics continues to innovate and grow while holding tight to its focus on exceptional customer service and responsiveness. Learn more about us...

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coast to coast

Adjective. Going across an entire nation or continent from one coast to another. With warehouses in LA and Boston, we provide fulfillment services coast to coast."