Why Medallion? How Are We Different

What is it exactly that set us apart from other fulfillment and logistics firms?

As a family owned and operated business, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics prides itself on our superior service and commitment to our customers. We consider our relationship with our customers to be a partnership.

We mold our services to match the climate and operation of your business. We understand that the way we conduct your business reflects not only on you but on us. Your success is our success. We are fully vested in the long-term success of our customers and strive for excellence to help your business succeed and grow.

We Invite You To Check Us Out

Get a free price quote for your fulfillment and order processing needs! We are so flexible with our service offerings that we can create a custom fulfillment program that meets and exceeds your expectations but is on target with your budget. We understand that you want top service at a cost efficient price. Contact us today to get started by completing our online form or phoning 818-998-8366.

1. Innovative Solutions

We work with many small businesses and startups, as well as large corporations. Our versatility offers you maximum flexibility in managing your fulfillment outsourcing needs.

Our customers' needs drive our state-of-the-art technology. The knowledgeable staff at Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics is experienced at designing innovative solutions to meet your business' specific needs. We strive to integrate our services into your business environment as seamlessly as possible.

2. Superior Customer Service

We understand the importance of superior customer service, both to our customers and yours. When you call Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, you and your customers will be helped courteously and immediately.

You'll never be passed from department to department, put on hold interminably, or have to wade through layers of corporate bureaucracy and telephone choices. Our friendly staff will answer your call immediately and personally help you or connect you with the right party quickly.

We also respond immediately to e-mails. Prompt and courteous communication helps a business run smoothly. Our goal is to have you feel like we're right down the hall, instantly accessible and ready to respond to your every need.

3. Flexible Fulfillment Services

We offer efficient and affordable fulfillment services. We have the flexibility to provide you with the level of fulfillment services you desire and grow our relationship as your business grows.

We can handle the labor-intensive fulfillment tasks that are the foundation of any business – order taking, warehousing, pick & pack, shipping and more – so you have time to focus on product development, marketing and sales – the things that will grow your business.

4. Affordable Fulfillment Outsourcing Services

You'll find our services highly affordable. If you're still doing your own fulfillment, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the financial savings. But it is the intangible benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment needs that will have you wondering why you didn't do this sooner.

Let the fulfillment experts at Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics to handle the warehousing, inventory, order taking, picking and packing, shipping and tracking that ensure the survival of your business.

We'll also take on the headaches, stress, tight deadlines and sudden crises that seem to crop up during the fulfillment process. You'll finally have time – and money – for the important work of developing and growing your business. Read a few of our references from past and present clients to see how we have helped their businesses to grow with our headache-free fulfillment outsourcing and supply chain management services.

When you outsource your fulfillment needs to Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, you gain a trusted partner committed to the success and growth of your business.

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Did you know?

Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics was started 37 years ago by Gene Kent. He started with a single customer and, like many other American success stories, ran his fulfillment business out of the family garage.

A Full Service Fulfillment House

The fulfillment process consists of inventory handling, warehouse management, order processing, packing and shipping, acceptance of new merchandise or returns, and order fulfillment. Find out how we can make growing your business headache free by allowing you to focus on marketing and selling.