Customer Care Relations Outsourcing Services

What we can provide to your customers at your request

At Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics we can provide any customer care relations or tech support services that you would like. Pricing for these services is determined by your need and by the degree of our involvement. We work hard to create a flexible program that grows as your business needs grow. You can start out small with us and build the level of our services as your business grows.

Here are just a few of the consumer customer care relation services that we routinely provide for our clients to help you understand the type of services that we can provide to your buyers.

  • Take telephone orders
  • Assistance with consumer Web ordering issues
  • Technical support – how does the product work
  • Process credit card refunds and merchandise returns
  • Handle requests for literature and catalogues by phone or email
  • Credit card charge and authorization questions

Visit our order processing services page to find out about our order processing services including full e-commerce and online credit card processing services.

Ready to find out more? Just complete our contact form and one of our Medallion principles will phone you to help ascertain your needs and to prepare a price quotation for our services.

Customer Service That We Provide to You, Our Customer

As part of our full service fulfillment program, we take care of your fulfillment and shipping headaches guaranteed. If there is a problem with an order, the wrong product was ordered by the consumer, an incorrect product was shipped in error, an item was damaged in delivery, we will take care of the problem as part of our commitment to superior customer service without your involvement. You can trust that we will treat your customer professionally and as if they were our own.

Medallion Enterprises will take inbound phone calls for order status inquiries, shipment errors, damage claims etc. If the inquiry is a result of an error by Medallion there will be no charge for the call or corrective action. Additional customer service inbound calls are available at extra charge.

We work hard to assure timely delivery of your products to your customer. Our staff cares about growing your business. We understand that your business will grow when customers are satisfied with the entire ordering process. We take our part in helping your business to grow seriously, we act as your agent, your seamlessly integrated supply chain and fulfillment resource, working as a partner for your success.

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Did you know?

You can easily add adjunct services to your account, like customer service, as your needs grow. Our services are scalable to fit your own personal business needs.

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The fulfillment process consists of inventory handling, warehouse management, order processing, packing and shipping, acceptance of new merchandise or returns, and order fulfillment.