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Does it sometimes feel as though it's Amazon's world and we're just living in it? In addition to selling an astounding 12 million-plus items directly from their own storefront, the company gets a piece of more than 300 million third-party sales through their Fulfillment by Amazon program.

If you're a small to mid-sized eCommerce retailer, you might feel at the mercy of Amazon in order to efficiently market your product to the widest possible audience. Now you have a proven, cost-effective alternative through Medallion's Amazon replenishment warehousing service.

Why watch your profits leave your pocket to pad Amazon's earnings? Find out how our Amazon replenishment warehousing program can save you money while remaining more responsive to your particular needs.

Amazon Warehouse Storage: A Costly Proposition

When it comes to eCommerce, storage space is the Holy Grail. Thanks to the explosion of online retailing, warehouses and fulfillment centers have been scrambling to keep up with demand but storage space remains a precious commodity.

Amazon has built one of the more extensive warehouse and distribution networks, but use of their facilities comes at a cost. The company's Fulfillment by Amazon service, designed for third-party sellers, has a fairly complex pricing system.

• Monthly storage fees are calculated based on the daily average volume in cubic feet of total product in the warehouse. Amazon uses its own formulas and they have final say on how measurements are determined, even if the results differ from your own data.

• In addition, there are different rates for standard-size and oversize products. While it might seem intuitive that standard-size rates would be lower, the opposite is true as Amazon cites the need for special configurations to store standard-size items. As a result, you end up paying top dollar for all products.

• Of course, rates increase during seasonal shipping periods, which can run up to triple the regular fees.

• Long-term storage is where you'll really feel the pinch. Twice a year, on February 15 and August 15, Amazon does inventory clean-up. Product in storage for six to 12 months is hit with a whopping $11.25 per cubic foot fee, which doubles for items held longer than one year.

If you're a small to mid-sized eCommerce company owner, you can see how this system eats into your profits. Add in Amazon seller and fulfillment fees and you're looking at razor-thin margins.

Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics: Cost-Effective Alternative to Amazon Storage

Do you feel you need to march to Amazon's drum in order to stay competitive in the digital marketplace? Medallion's Amazon replenishment warehousing program offers the freedom to enjoy the best of both worlds: Amazon's visibility and wide audience plus our lower costs and scalable services.

Why should you choose Amazon backup product warehousing from Medallion?

• Amazon's global branding requires a constant stream of advertising and other expensive marketing activities, and you end up footing the bill through higher costs. Medallion focuses on customer service, so we can charge significantly lower storage fees than Amazon while efficiently shipping product to their warehouses at a moment's notice.

• Companies using a third-party service can still incur sizable fees for non-compliance with Amazon's strict labeling, packing and prep requirements. Medallion will process your products and pallets to conform with Amazon's specifications so you avoid additional charges.

• Worried about a space crunch? Medallion's facility in Chatsworth, California and now Boston, Massachusetts has the space to accommodate any need big or small. Plus our California warehouse is located in close proximity to the Port of Los Angeles. We also have climate-controlled sections for items that are temperature-sensitive. Regardless of the products you sell, Medallion can easily accommodate your Amazon overflow storage requirements.

• Using Medallion's services to replenish Amazon fulfillment stock allows you to manage inventory control in the Amazon interface more efficiently. Just add items into our software interface for convenient ordering and management.

• Doing business with Amazon means conforming to their standards, which clearly favor their interests regardless of what's best for your eCommerce company. Our business model emphasizes flexibility and versatility so we can tailor our services to customers and grow along with them.

• Our Amazon replenishment warehousing program is just one way in we support you in the digital marketplace. Our fulfillment management software interfaces easily with PayPal, Jet, Shopify, Etsy, Wayfair, eBay, Blue Cherry and dozens more of the industry's top shopping cart systems.

Trust Medallion with Your Amazon Replenishment Warehousing Needs

Are you tired of walking the Fulfillment by Amazon tightrope between ample product supply and prohibitive storage fees? Medallion's Amazon replenishment warehousing program frees you up to focus on growing sales, secure in the knowledge that inventory management is working to your advantage.

At Medallion, we consider ourselves a partner in your success. Contact us to learn more about how we put you first with personalized service and innovative fulfillment solutions.

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Amazon has a variable product storage charge fee structure? On top of that there are additional fees during heavy traffic periods and during holidays. Why eat up your narrow profit with excessive fees from Amazon. Consider our practical and cost effective alternative.

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