Our Data Management Tools Interface with Most Popular Shopping Carts

More shopping carts now interface directly with our system

We've created a collage of the logos of the shopping carts that our fulfillment management software now interfaces with, and more are being added all the time. These new enhancements give you more options. Here are the details.

1. Once connected to our system, orders in your shopping cart are automatically sent to Medallion's system with no intervention on your part. It's all automatic!

2. The automatic connection sends back inventory data to your shopping cart interface updating your on-hand counts; allowing you to better manage your ordering and inventory.

3. Shipping data from our system flows back into your shopping cart allowing customers to monitor their order status and for you to know exactly when items have shipped. It's all automatic!

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We are adding new shopping carts to our integration every month? We make using our services affordable and easy to use.

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